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08/06/2001: "FIRE!"

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The most odd thing happened to us yesterday. There was a fire at our house. Well, not a huge raging fire, but a small BBQ fire coming from the neighbor's house. It turned out they had left some still hot charcoal on the ground at the side of our houses. Theres alot of dry leaves and stuff at the side of the house which let the charcoal slow burn. It burned part of our fence! We found it odd that our house smelled like fire for two days. But, when we went out side in the back yard to see if any of the nearby houses were set on fire, we came up with nothing. It wasn't until a neighbor come to our house to tell us our fence was on fire that we knew the source of the smell. He tried to blame it on the fact that it was hot and the trees and bushes wasn't watered. Um, no, dumbass. It's because of the damn charcoal. Who ever left the charcoal out there hot has to be the biggest dumb ass! Luckly, we found the fire in time so nothing more than the fence had burned down.


On a completely different note, Li'l C got to a whopping 111k miles this weekend! I think it's time for a new engine. After all the repairs I've done to her already, much more is needed.

[Lil C got to 111k mi this weekend :( Time for a new engine.]

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On Wednesday, August 8th @ 06:18 PM PST, Jesse said:
f*cking weird...

glad the pool table didn't go up in flames!