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08/31/2001: "1-8-1"

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Last night we were victorious! Scratch a win for us! With an ending score of 3-6 we finally chalk a "W" for our team! You should have seen us, it was like we just won the Stanley cup! We're definetly not the first place team... or the second... uh, or the third... etc. but, we played our hearts out this time and finally came out on top.

Like every other games, I recieved a lot of hits which resulted in minor 2 minute penaltys for my attacker. (I came home a little banged up) my third penalty against me was when I was on a break away and the goalie did a poke check to me and took the puck away, there was no whistle so I proceded to get the puck I got behind him and went for the goal. I then tripped on the goalie's stick of which he threw towards me. If you follow hockey, you know that's illegal. The whistle blows, penalty shot. Just me versus the goalie. I started center ice, whistle blows, and I'm off. Skate, skate, triple deke, shot, MISS WIDE! I felt so bad, I didn't play that next shift. But, I had to shake it off and play next shift, we still had a game to play. In any case, it turned out all right.

I've been on this dry spell, no points the last three weeks. Sadly, I've been well rested and didn't eat before the game. (I get sick if I eat too close to game time.) Yesterday, before the game I was already on the ice for two hours, in a hockey class with my dad and some of my team mates. I thought it would help me some, but rather it gave me a blister on my foot, which bothered me the whole game. One good thing came out of the class, my teammate Tom who also was in that class managed to score a hat trick this last game, WOOHOO Tom! Congrats! For those not schooled in the lingo of hockey a "hat trick" is when you score three goals in one game.
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