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09/20/2001: "The Other Half"

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For a long while we've had "The View," the all female cast of four different women and sometimes Barbara Walters, with their "view" on certain subjects like relationships, sex, and life in general. Finally, we get "The Other Half," and you guessed it, it's an all male cast with Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce, Mario Lopez, and Dr. Jan Adams. Too bad if the schedule doesn't change, "The Other Half" will rival "The View." For some odd reason both shows are still geared toward women. Great now we have our own kind male bashing.

I need to get a life... or at least stop watching TV.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:38 AM PST

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On Thursday, September 20th @ 10:03 PM PST, Jesse said:
yeah the other half. they kinda all look gay... or maybe a gay fantasy, I don't know...