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09/20/2001: "The Race For The Playoffs"

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Playoffs are nearing. And we, the Arabian Knights, aren't mathematically out just yet. At least, the last I heard. CHALK ANOTHER "W" FOR US TONIGHT! Last week, while I was in Hawaii, we managed another win. Go us! Tonight we struggled hard for the goals, but came out on top! Shortly after the first whistle blew, I score a backhanded goal above the goalies left shoulder. Sweet. So nearing the end of the game, I'm bending over a little when I colide head on with another guy, I think I hit his stomach and I fall. He was a fairly bigger guy than me. I'm short. So I keel over and feel a quick sharp pain go down my head down my spine. The closest analogy would be if you stand straight up, and someone puts their hands on your head, you jump while the push down on your head. It kinda feels like that. Try it sometimes. I think I got shorter today because of that. Not long after that, I have the puck and I'm shoved by some guy then out of no where another guy literally jumps and "Superman Tackles" me. I procede to defend myself, cause he's just laying on me. I get a penalty. I'm say to the ref, "WTF?" To which he replies, "You punched him." I say to him, "WTF? You know what NM." I had to sit out the remainder of the game, which was only a minute and a half, so no biggie. BTW the guy who blatantly Superman Tackled me got ejected from the game for that being his third penalty of the game. LOL thats the second time I got someone ejected. I wonder if anyone other than my victims have gotten ejected from this league... In anycase we won! yay!
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