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10/12/2001: "A Bitter Loss"

Archived Entry:
After yesterday's hockey game we were forced to be satisfied as the 6th place team. Somewhere in the middle of the second period we were up 4-1 (I scored one for sure then the second one was shot by our captain then I tipped it in. I hope he got credit for that one.) then ended up 5-3, 5-4, last 2 minutes they pull thier goalie (who incidentally was one of OUR players) for the extra player on the ice and score a goal to tie it up. As the tie breaker we would have a shoot out 3 on 3 vs. the goalies, ok it was really 1 on 1 vs the goalies best of 3. After the shootout the score was 2-0 we lose the game and 5th place. The worst feeling other than losing the game was to be picked 4th for the shootout. 6th place, bah!
Bitching by Adam @ 03:25 PM PST