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10/23/2001: "Support Is Bad. Prepare For Move?"

Archived Entry:
Jesse says, yes. I've already moved too many times. It's such a pain in the ass to move around hosts. Plus the people who use my email host are counting on having an email address to use, and if I move, it won't work for maybe a couple days to a week. That's not cool.

OK, my sites have been down for less than 24 hours. Does that bother me? Yes. What do I get when I email my support? Witty comebacks. I don't need smart ass remarks. Just reasons why my sites are down. I didn't even get that!

Adam_Email_001: Is there a problem with my account or the ___ server? My sites have been down for a couple days now. (ok, this might be a LITTLE misleading, I only meant, "to my knowledge, today and yesterday."

Support_Email_001:It was down for less than 24 hours. It is now fixed.

Ok, I was wrong, I just really don't need smart ass remarks, not now. I'm broke and I still pay them for hosting. 'Nuff said, yes?
Bitching by Adam @ 05:35 PM PST