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11/20/2001: "RealiDate"

Archived Entry:
WTF is going on here? Since the spawn of all the "reality" TV shows but the insane thought of, "Hey! we can make a dating game out of this." Sure, they had "Love Connection" back in the day, now it's different.

With the big lot of "RealiDate" TV shows you have a lot of late night viewing.

The Original (sort of) "Blind Date" is where it seems that the dates are completely fixed as mismatches and usually ends in a hot tub.

"ElimiDate" can be remembered as one person is on a date with four other people and one by one you "vote" them away.

"The Fifth Wheel" (I've only seen in parts) put two of one gender and three of another together and see where they go.

"Change of Heart" is the show to go on if a couple might be having troubles and want to find out if they want to work things out or have a "change of heart"

That ever famous "Chains of Love" (I don't even know if this one is still around) show where you're chained to four other people of the opposite sex (usually) for several days.

Now you have a list of the popular ones, at least around here, if you're ever having problems with dating, you know where to go.

Just my opinion, I think these shows are really stupid and most likely fixed in one way or another. Come on, you have to go through some sort of profiling right? In any case, at least with "Blind Date" (since it's the one I endure the most), it's usually with some kinky slut with some jack ass guy. Now, THAT'S TV entertainment. Sure it's stupid, but they wouldn't get people watching if it were computer nerd Adam going on a date with ... anyone, even if she were hot. Ah, I can just see the conversations...

So, what type of computer do you have? How big a hard drive? You network 10bt or 100? How many bits in a byte? In reality, how much is one gigabyte really, I'm not looking for 1 Million bytes... ...LOL ;) j/k, at least I don't think that's what I'd sound like... or I hope I don't... If anything it'd be a lot about "Friends!" :)
Bitching by Adam @ 12:41 PM PST