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11/21/2001: "I Wish..."

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You asked for Adam's Birthday and Christmas wish list? Well, here it is! Of course, it's slightly exagerated...

I wish I was a little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller...


I, too, have an Amazon.com wish list.
As well as a CDnow.com list
I would have Barnes and Noble wish list but those idiots make it so only the account holder can see it. How useful is that?
Bitching by Adam @ 01:00 AM PST

Replies: 10 People Bitched

On Wednesday, November 21st @ 10:49 AM PST, Jesse said:
dont you like to READ!??! tough I already know what I'm getting you, hah!
On Wednesday, November 21st @ 01:53 PM PST, Adam said:
Um, what's reading? I play Counter-Strike, sleep, and drive my car all day...
On Wednesday, November 21st @ 02:53 PM PST, Shia` said:
I'm getting u the supercharger.
Yah right!
i'm not even gonna look to see how much it is.
anyway, i'm getting you that ticket, so thats it for me! sorry, poor jews never really get (or give) 8 presents for channukah
On Wednesday, November 21st @ 02:54 PM PST, Shia` said:
oh yeah, and i'm changing my name to Shia'. i've found my roots. the ' means you have to click your tounge against the roof of your mouth.
On Friday, November 30th @ 12:21 AM PST, Adam said:
For those who don't know the "I wish" lines came from Skee-Lo's "I wish." Although I do wish I was a little bit taller, and had a fat pocket full of paper dead presidents.
On Sunday, December 2nd @ 07:04 PM PST, Jesse said:
so, like you gonna make us WORK to find your wishlists? why can't you link it up all direct like, then MAYBE I
ll git ya sumptin fra-it, yah!
On Sunday, December 2nd @ 07:34 PM PST, Adam said:
Let me guess, you only hovered on the link, but didn't actually click it.
On Wednesday, December 5th @ 07:15 PM PST, thea said:
eh...so bored...dont even knoe wat im realli doing here..but oh well
On Monday, December 10th @ 08:41 PM PST, THE REAL mysterygirlTM said:
who the f*ck is trying to impersonate me? i'll get you!!!
On Monday, December 10th @ 09:05 PM PST, Adam said:
Someone has issues.