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11/22/2001: "Hockey Take 2"

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Hehe, ok I'm fine now. So, yeah hockey, whadda game! Last night we were playing the last place team, so I hoped it would be a breeze. My Mom, Shia, and Jesse came to watch us play, I took it upon myself to give them and everyone else a show. Hehe. So by the end of the 2nd period we were up 6-0 hehe I actually got 2 goals last night! I WOULD have gotten my hat trick, but...

Ok, here's the deal, sometime in the first I'm in front of the opposing goal and I get checked from behind. Mind you this is a NO-CHECKING league, woooosssy I kno. Aggravated I go for the puck, AND the guy with it. For some reason I get a 4 minute roughing penalty with the other dude. I was all whatever.

Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd period I'm going after the puck near the opposing goal, and I'm nudged from behind, they fall, I get a penalty for cross checking. WTF? CROSSCHECKING!? I was hit from BEHIND! Now, unless I have arms on my back, I couldn't possibly crosscheck someone that's behind me.

FYI, crosschecking, to my knowledge, is when you have both hands the same height and have your stick in both hands and push a player down. I could not have possibly done that to someone behind me. After that I'm sent to the box for 2 minutes only to find I was ejected from the game. Apparently the rule there is if you get three penalties you get ejected. I'm like, "ok, so I got two"... And they're like, "you got a 4 minute which counts as two, so you got three penalties." What crap! I get ejected from the game for a nudge from behind? At least let me hit someone!

So, all I could to is leave the ice, get changed, and watch from the side lines. Kinda funny, as soon as I leave the ice the other team scores two goals. Hrmmm.....

Yeah, so, I think I'm going to play somewhere else next season. Somewhere you can have a little contact with other players. Full check not necessary, but not where if you get pushed you get a penalty BS...
Bitching by Adam @ 01:28 PM PST