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12/23/2001: "Bob Ross, Friday, and Saturday..."

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Do you remember that painter Bob Ross? Damn that guy is good. I remember watching this guy on PBS thinking, I can do that! He makes it look SO easy. So, the next time I saw him on I had a bunch of paint and other supplies and tried to paint along with him. Needless to say, it didn't quite turn out the same as his. I'm wondering, is he still doing new shows? The end credits said 2001, so, I don't know. If he does, he still has that same red brown fro. That's the coolest.

So, Friday night I went out with Jesse and Shia for a brew at the spot in Campbell we went to on Tuesday. Nothing there, nuff said. After which, we went over to City Espresso where we just chilled and tried to figure out what to do next. But after much delay and chatter we hopped into the car again to make a trip to AMC Saratoga to see what movies were not already sold out.

I looked on my Palm Pilot to see what was playing at each of the theaters and I saw that Lord of the Rings was playing. When we got to AMC Saratoga we found that Lord of the Rings was NOT playing there, rather, AMC Mercado. Luckily for me, our backup movie, Not Another Teen Movie, was sold out. So we decided to watch The Royal Tenenbaums.

I guess all I can say about the movie is, eh. It had its moments, I suppose. It's just didn't have the Adam type of humor you would normally find in a movie with Ben Stiller. I suppose it could also be the fact that I wasn't in much of a movie mood, as I had a banging headache. I suppose I should have drank more than that one Smirnoff Ice.

Today (Saturday) was filled with car rides as we do our last minute Christmas shopping. Yeah Yeah, I know what you're thinking (if you knew me). Adam HATES shopping Let alone last minute Christmas shopping. Yes, this is true, even more so the last minute Christmas part. Like lambs to the slaughter. Mere cattle possessed by the holidays we know as Christmas, Hanukkah (however you want to spell it), Kwanzaa, etc.

An interesting quote of mine which probably never hold in court, as Adam is a materialist. Oh well, I can still believe in some things. Like shopping ahead of time. I try to do all of mine ahead of time, 'cause I HATE crowds. I think I'd consider myself a camper. I don't care what people think, I'd probably be content for longer than the average person cooped up in a room with my comp, TV, and DSL. Don't like it, too bad.

Today I went around with my sister and Ronny all over the place. We started the day eating dim sum with moO at some weird location I've never seen before, maybe later I'll ask my sister where. I managed to travel to Fry's, Vallco Mall, Target, Best Buys, Good Guys, and Valley Fair Mall. That's quite a bit of walking. But, alas, I was unable to make any purchase for myself. Seems like such a waste, doesn't it. Oh somewhere in the middle of the day, we stole a street sign. I think I'll leave the name of the street nameless.
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On Sunday, December 23rd @ 02:02 AM PST, pam said:
bob ross died a couple of years ago... i went to best buy too... and hillsdale mall... i missed out on the royal tenanbaums =(
On Tuesday, December 25th @ 12:47 AM PST, mysterygirlTM said:
Merry Christmas!!! =)