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01/06/2002: "Sharks kick ass!"

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OMFG. Just finished tonight's Sharks game, Lord, they destroyed the Florida Panthers. 6-0? LOL, Crazy. One play where Owen Nolan fakes a shot with a semi drop-pass for Adam Graves to score the fifth goal. There are no real words to describe the play, you just have to see it! What a game! This has to be the most penalties I've seen in one game. 27 penalties total. Hockey has to be the best game ever! The only thing I miss is the cheerleaders! LOL, but then again when you have sweaty toothless guys kicking the sh't out of each other, you kinda forget about it.

Last Wednesday, I played a pretty good game. I dunno what happened to my post but oh well. I also lost my post New Years drunken explanation. Oh well. I managed to keep myself full of energy, I dunno what was up! We took the game with a 9-4 lead. I managed to grab two of those. What sucks is we might have gotten one of our members yanked from our team 'cause supposedly he belongs on the Tuesday league (advanced). I guess I'll find out next week if we have a player taken. Man he's really good too. Guess I'll have to pick up the slack...
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On Sunday, January 6th @ 04:22 AM PST, mal said:
holy ish, jesse and i were watching that game at a bar tonight and we were the only ones getting super hyped. the sharks rule.
On Monday, January 7th @ 12:24 AM PST, Jesse said:
yeah totally I was gonna say that... we saw like SIX fights on the last 15 minutes...!!! hahahah