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01/24/2002: "MIA Adam"

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I'm going to have to appologize, I've been MIA for quite some time now. I suppose it's the fact that I've been doing alot in school lately, been biting the balls pretty bad. Oh, well. Such is life. I gotta get out someday... Only to go back again like most people I know.

Hockey was kick ass today. Although I didn't score any goals today, I did get two assists and managed to win the game with a sorry score of 2 - 10. *Sigh*

Sad how that's all I have to update with after the break from blogging. I haven't had much to say. I don't even know what I'm doing here, I need help!

On a side note, watch this music video by Kiss, no not the American group. It brings a little hope that there still are great people out there for you. Sure it's in Korean, you might not understand it, hell I don't. If anyone can translate what the people say in the video, it would help me out a bunch thanks. If you're not in a mushy mood, don't bother watching. 'Cause it might bring a tear or two to your eye, or not. Email me what you think about the video. I took off the responses 'cause I wanted to hear what people think without ruining it for anyone else. Don't even think about posting elsewhere, they will be removed.

Edited 1/24/02 12:04 Ok, I decided to put back the responses. But, if you read before you watch it, it's not my responsibility if it ruins it for you.
Bitching by Adam @ 08:48 AM PST

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On Saturday, January 26th @ 02:45 PM PST, ?? said:
he's alive!!!
On Thursday, January 31st @ 04:40 PM PST, Adam said:
So, nobody with broadband take 4 minutes to DL this and watch it?