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02/04/2002: "Weekend"

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Ah, weekend come and gone. I had to do a bit of studying. No, a lot of studying, with a mid term coming up, a test every Thurday, and papers, bleagh! At least I did get to have a bit of fun this weekend. I go to go up to San Mateo twice to see my Grandmother; who is doing much better, although hasn't finished her surgery yet and is waiting for everything to get completely better and her doctor's OK. On top of that, I got to see my twin cousins, Nicole (the older of the two, a little chubbier) and my sister's favorite Julia (she sometimes cries when I'm around, then gets used to me), and their older brother, Shane (You can see a pic of him in my pics section). The twins came into our lives 3 months from yesterday. They're soooooo K3Wt!!! If I get off my lazy duff maybe I upload some pics, then again, pics do NOT do them the justice they deserve in real life. Pics just aren't the same! Poor moO has missed every single time I've gone and claims I'm being evil every time I say I had fun playing with the babies. But, hey, I did. Bah, back to studying.
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