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02/08/2002: "Back In Time"

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So, yeah, Thursday...

Hockey night is the greatest. I think my mom was dead on when she said I need an audience in order to play good. Well, Thursday was the demise of that quote. Does that make sense? I'm not an English major.

Thursday's game was our worst game ever. We managed to have about 2 lines to work with, since it was our last game. We didn't need this game. We would have been first seed in the playoffs, so what. The saddest thing about this was we managed to LOSE the game 4-2. We managed to lose the game to the LAST PLACE TEAM. Hrm... Eh, we didn't need the game. Blah so what. Not only that, but I also didn't get any points. Overheard in the locker room was, ''...That was our Goodwill game...'' LOL, ok, sure.

Well, I guess I go DL the rest of Moulin Rouge, and go to Safeway so I can actually eat something today.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:46 PM PST