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02/22/2002: "The Child Inside"

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Those who know me in real life, versus web stalking me, will tell you I'm a child. I admit I'm a big kid. Ok, let me rephrase that so I don't scare all the ladies away, heh. OK, I'm a definite child at heart. Maybe I just have a problem letting go of my childhood. Where is this coming from? Well, I recently went to the mall, another pastime of mine (I was a mall rat) and purchased a pair of Heelys. If you don't know what Heelys are, you're old. I'm not joking. Don't know what they are? You might call them something like rollershoes. Well, after a long time of looking for some, I finally got a pair.

I think my first exposure to Heelys was some time last summer standing in line to get tickets to a car show, when I saw a kid walk by the line then start skating as if he magically had wheels on his shoes. Well his shoes did, but it wasn't magic.

Recently on a new music video by Usher you see a clip of him using a pair near the end. I've been looking for them for a while and didn't know anywhere to get them, and I was told that they were only were in kid sizes. That is, until I saw the Usher video. I feel like such a kid when I walk around and then come up on my wheels. It's fun. Buy a pair.

When I bought my Heelys younger brother came to me and said, ''You actually bought a pair? You loser.'' The highight of my life is when younger brother who's a freshman in High School calls me a loser. The very next day he asks me, ''Can I try them?'' I tell him he can. Shortly after he comes back with, ''OMG, they're cool, I wanna get a pair.'' Hrm... This actually isn't as weird as it seems. Many people I know actually think it's a cool product. Some even want to get a pair. Wonder how long this ''fad'' will last at $70-$110 a pair. Yes, I said that much. Buy a pair anyway.
Bitching by Adam @ 02:38 AM PST

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On Saturday, February 23rd @ 12:05 AM PST, pam said:
he he... i was at that car show... actually, i think it was that ghetto sale we went to in the city...
where's my web page?
On Saturday, February 23rd @ 02:26 PM PST, Adam said:
What I recall was I first saw them at the car show at the Cow Palace. Then when we went to that ghetto sale in SF we saw ghetto version of those shoes where you'd push a button on the sides of the shoes to make the wheels pop out. It looked sooooo ghetto.
On Monday, February 25th @ 01:17 PM PST, Jesse said:
so now you have to cruise around valley fair mall, like the other ten year olds.. I mean "children at heart" HAHAHAHA just kidding man, you know we all secretly want em!
On Thursday, February 28th @ 01:52 AM PST, Adam said:
Oh, BTW the Usher video was "U Don't Have to" with a cameo from P.Diddy
On Sunday, February 1st @ 07:17 AM PST, carol said:
will be getting one too. hahaha.