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05/16/2002: "Adam's Hockey, Star Wars, & EQ"

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Ok, so two times this week I tried to get into a league and failed both times. That sucks! I really want to play hockey.

On Tuesday I went all the way to Fremont to the Iceoplex, it's really far from my house, and worse in traffic. I was told by a guy I knew last season that there was another spot open, but when I got there and told the team was full. Gah!

Today, I went to my old rink to see if I could get on the Thursday league. Ok, so I don't belong on the Thursday league, Thursday being the beginner league and I was recently bumped to the intermediate Wednesday nights. But, my brother has hockey there on Thusrday, so to make things a little easier I'd play the same night. I'm told it's also full, and I'd be able to skate circles around these new teams. Gah! I just want to play hockey.

Yeah, so, Star Wars Episode 2 is out today. Anyone going to see it, or already saw it? Tell me if it's worth standing in line for insane amounts of time in the cold. Not that I'd ever do it for any movie. I may not have much of a life as it is, but come on... Star Wars is cool, but it's still just a movie. I like the series, but I don't think I'll be sitting in line for more than 20 minutes for any movie. Speaking of which, I bought a huge box of Star Wars cereal from Costco! LOL. I don't know why, but, it looked yummy. Then again it's really re packaged with different shapes Lucky Charms...

For anyone interested. I finally (again) un-officially quit EQ. Some of you might be EQers reading this and this is the first you've heard of it. Sorry. I didn't get to post about it on the boards as, I think, my username was blocked shortly after. So, my character is no more. I have another one, but I don't think I'll be having the will to play any time soon... eR, esp. when Star Wars' MMORPG and FF11 is coming out soon LOL j/k no more time wasting for me. I have to study. What ticks me off the most about it is, supposedly, I sold it to one of the most hated people on EQ. I don't mind him, he seems ok. I guess he just got a bad rap. That is, unless this Paypal e-check doesn't go through, then I take it back and I'm back to square one. I suppose I trust too much. I consider myself too trusting. C'est la vie... Wait, maybe that wasn't what I wanted to say, its been about 9 years since I've used/learned any French, Gah! hrm... A phrase I use all too often might be a little better: Such is life.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:40 PM PST

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On Friday, May 17th @ 09:20 PM PST, moO said:
you seem 2 4get that there is also a moO-force that will hurt you if you spend so much time playing another stoOpid geeky EQ-type time waster... & when ppl ask where you are on a friday or saturday night, i don't wanna have to tell them anymore that you're home geeking away on your computer... *sigh*
On Friday, May 17th @ 09:29 PM PST, Adam said:
And, yet, here we are, Friday night sitting in front of a computer, blah.
On Friday, May 17th @ 09:36 PM PST, moO said:
ummm... i was talking about when you are @ home playing STOOPID GEEKY ONLINE GAMES!!
On Sunday, May 19th @ 02:00 PM PST, shmelly said:
On Sunday, May 19th @ 02:20 PM PST, Shia said:
pip pip cheerio. park my car sir!