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05/27/2002: "Updates"

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I know it's been a long time since my last entries, I've been really with essays and reading and junk. I really hate school. I'm allowed to, this is my blog, so? =P.

So, last Saturday was Jesse's B-Day party SLASH Jesse and Shia's House Warming party. Shia and Jesse just moved to the City (San Francisco). Boy was that a blast! I managed to get to the pad without any map or printout. Shia gave me directions beforehand but that all I had to work with. The secret is, I forgot the directions at home. I have a few to drink and boy is that ever fun. moO doesn't like to be around me when I drink, I don't know why... Um if you guys have any pictures email me, I want a copy! Ok, so, what did Adam do this time? Nothing too bad, I think. I just dressed up in Shia's old costumes and stuff. I started the night with Shia's clip on bow tie under the collar of my RL Polo shirt. Being a little too tame, I decided to rummage through Shia' stuff some more (He wasn't fully unpacked yet, I wonder if he even is now, a week later.) I managed to find in the back of his closet a bright red one piece Alpha Romero mechanics jumpsuit. Interesting, I must say. Yet, still a little tame. So, I put on Shia's Dracula cape. Silly Adam, always has to be center of attention. Nah, I dunno if I like attention that bad. Oh well, I had fun, that's what matters, right?

So... I managed to see Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones this last Monday... And I thought I'd have to wait a month or so to see it! I even got really good seats too! I guess this Star Wars wasn't hyped up much. Sadly 'cause I thought that this episode was WAY better than the first one. Except for the love story, sure it needed to be told, blah blah, it just dragged it on. Damn, it's another 3 years or so until Episode 3 comes out. I wonder if George is going to finish the final 3, (7, 8, & 9) Dunno if my mom was pulling my chain, but she said that Star Wars was to be a triple trilogy. Damn, as if 6 movies with the same theme isn't enough. Silly George is milking it!
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On Tuesday, May 28th @ 09:14 PM PST, shia said:
nope, not done unpacking yet. prob never will be knowing me.