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06/16/2002: "Depressing"

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Ok, so, I don't ever write anymore, and there's probably a good reason. I don't know if it's enough that I don't do anything that would merit an entry. In any case that would be my reason. Blah, it's so depressing not doing anything day after day, week after week. Now I don't even have a working car. Well, maybe I'll get it back tomorrow. I needed to get a new tire and an alignment. But, I have a feeling they f'cked up my lug nuts and stripped them. They want to charge me and extra $75 to cut off the bolt. WTF? You stripped it, YOU pay for taking it off and replacing it. Not to mention I shouldn't be doing any of this in the first place since I have no job, nor a source of income. I think I need an alignment, however, as it will only make things worse if I need to get all 4 tires replaced.

Lately, I just stare at my laptop monitor searching for jobs and watching cable TV with moO, since she, too, is a loser like me without a job. Lately, all I do is watch Power Puff Girls, Star Trek (only when moO isn't around, since she doesn't like geeky stuff), or Who's Line Is It Anyway. Incidentally, I'm watching TV right now. Surprise, surprise. Watching that new series, the Dead Zone. Pretty cool I guess. I manage to run on my treadmill every so often, but that's about it. No hockey yet. Hopefully I'll get in the summer league.

I've found a lot of jobs online. About 31 jobs in the past month and a half, I suppose that's good... Well, perhaps not, considering I don't get an answer from anyone.

I'm hoping some good will come to my life soon... Preferably, I win the lottery or something... Then again, I gotta play the lottery in order to win, so I guess that's out. I guess I have to settle for getting a job. I have to wait until September to open a new unemployment claim. But, I'm sick of relying on unemployment. I want a real job. SOMEONE GIVE ME A JOB!

Blah, whatever. I HAVE been reading a lot, though... Unfortunetly, it's been a lot of car stuff. Ok, so I read a little and played a little with HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, Photoshop. But, mostly about cars. Everything from naturally aspiration to NOS, turbo, etc. I suppose I should go back to reading on my forte...

Ok, enough bitching, I gotta go do something productive... Like play Playstation. I still haven't even opened FFX yet. I played a little FF9 and Parasite Eve recently. Thus wraps up my life.
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indecent as in buck naked? or just letting stuff hang out? he he...