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07/20/2002: "Tennis"

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Ok, just got back from playing tennis @ De Anza with Tanya and Ronny. We have to play at 1am or it's either full or damn hot. Both Tanya and I would hate to play in the heat. Ok, so maybe more me. I REALLY HATE heat. So, yeah, the WHOLE time we played, as I found out getting in the car, my fly was open. Doh, WTF?! Heh. We drove over to 7-11 for an after "workout" snack. There, Tanya said my face was beet red, like I just had sex or something. Not something I want to hear from my sister. I get that color faced after hockey and ice skating too. Note to self: Don't buy sandwiches from 7-11. But, then again if I was as smart as I claim I am, I'd know that... I suppose it aint that bad. MMMM! Pepperoncini! That new "Slurp & Gulp" thing is a really neat design. I got coke and a REALLY sour cherry slurpie. It's REALLY sour! -- Ok, did you get enough bold and CAPS?
Bitching by Adam @ 03:23 AM PST

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On Sunday, July 21st @ 04:18 PM PST, shia said:
yo, come up and play tennis up here sometime! jesse and i gots our own rackets now.
On Sunday, July 21st @ 04:26 PM PST, pam said:
ha ha. your fly was open :P
On Tuesday, July 23rd @ 06:40 PM PST, sunshyne whoRe said:
well, don't you suck...
the only problem is that i get heat stroke everytime i'm active when it's too hot.