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08/16/2002: "Weird Resume"

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Um, yeah, so I check my mail this morning, and it's really laggy right now, and finally one of my pop3 mails go thru but I only receive 1 message. The message is entitled ''Job Application,'' I'm thinking cool! A Job! I look in the email and it reads:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a vacancy of Software Developer.

I am forwarding you my CV, as I am interested in working within your company. Please review, attached below.

If my information meets your requirements, please respond, or kindly redirect to your Personnel Department.

Thank You,

David White.

And below is his resume. Hrm... One of the weirdest emails I've gotten. The funny thing is I got in my webmaster AT aznr.com email address. I don't have that email address. I have all email forwarded to *@aznracerzz.com. And no where on that site do I recall using that email address... Weird...

My favorite email is this one:

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Mike Doe (sales@opt.com) on Thursday, December 6, 2001 at 21:52:24

message: If you are a time traveler or alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help!

My life has been severely tampered with and cursed!!
I have suffered tremendously and am now dying!

I need to be able to:

Travel back in time.

Rewind my life including my age.

Be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life from being tampered with again after I go back.

I am in very great danger and need this immediately!

I am aware that there are many types of time travel and that humans do not do well through certain types.

I need as close to temporal reversion as possible, as safely as possible. To be able to rewind the hands of time in such a way that the universe of now will cease to exist.
I know that there are some very powerful people out there with alien or government equipment capable of doing just that.

If you can help me I will pay for your teleport or trip down here, Along with hotel stay, food and all expenses. I will pay top dollar for the equipment. Proof must be provided.

Only if you have this technology and can help me please send me a (SEPARATE) email to:



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On Wednesday, August 21st @ 11:36 AM PST, mysterypamTM said:
he could use the time machine they used for "austin powers"... i think it's just sitting there in the studio warehouse, collecting dust right now...