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09/01/2002: "Babies & Babes... Oh & Cars Too"

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Yesterday, I went with Tanya and Ronny to San Mateo to visit my Grandmother, my Aunt and her son and baby twin girls. All three kids are growing up so fast. The twins are up and standing on their own. Julia is learning to spit at people, cute but probably not the thing to teach a baby. Nicole was, for most of the day, unresponsive to any of us. At the end of the visit she finally warmed up to us, only to find us saying goodbye to her. Shane, on the other had, seemed really jealous that we were paying attention to the girls and not to him, although I did find myself playing ''Jamba Juice'' with him for a big part of the day. Ronny attempted to take a nap on the couch (Tanya, Ronny & crew drove to Cash Creek the night before and came back 7:30 AM) and was repeatedly awoken by Shane. I think the kids enjoyed our company. It was nice seeing my grandmother too. Yeah, my aunt as well, since she and the kids live in Hawaii.

Later that evening I had to come back up to San Mateo for a car show at the fair grounds. I wanted to go earlier but I went with Mop and he lags. Ha! You do, man. Originally, we agreed on 6:30, but we didn't leave until like 7:30. Interestingly enough, moO came along too. I even got her to pose with 2 other models. I don't think I have clearence to post it yet. I really enjoy car shows. I guess I miss having them all the time around here. Now its like never close here, luckly this one was so close. It's all good, there's two more in CA that I might go to. One is next week at the Infineon Raceway (Sears Point Raceway) and there's another one on the 22nd in Sacramento. Anyone interested in going? Good, I need a ride! AHahaAaHAahAHHAHahH j/k. I have a bunch of pics from the car show but you can't see them here. This is a clean site! HarHar. You gotta check out AzNRaCeRZz.com to see them. Go find them. Wait. As of now I haven't posted any of them. Yeah, yeah, I'm lazy. It'll be up soon.
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On Tuesday, September 3rd @ 12:47 AM PST, mysterypamTM said:
you didn't invite me to the car show? :( how do you play jamba juice?