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09/06/2002: "Interesting Hold Music"

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So, I'm sitting on the phone on hold with Sony, and in the background it sounds like they're playing pr0n music as their hold music, no lie. I guess if it's just hold music and no one is talking to me it would be consitered as the foreground music? I SWEAR I thought I heard a girl moan! For those who care, or wanna find out for themselves, the number to Sony's Product Support Line is 1-877-760-7669... Darn, there's more than ones song. Maybe you might not get the same song I did. Damn, I'm still on hold and now I have to go to the bathroom!
Bitching by Adam @ 11:00 AM PST

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On Sunday, September 8th @ 06:03 PM PST, sam said:
go to the bathroom while you're on the phone...just remember to run out right after you flush just in case they hear. =)
On Sunday, September 8th @ 11:39 PM PST, mysterypamTM said:
you are the next caller, we look forward to helping you, your call is very important to us...