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09/12/2002: "Email Fraud"

Archived Extended Entry:
Ah the things people do for money. I've gotten an email before stating they're from nigeria, or something rather, and they have an excess of $19Mil but can't get to it, and they need my help. hrm... Hope no one I know has fallen for it. Well, next time you do get one, you should play with them a little, kind of like this guy. It's pretty long, but if you're bored like I am most of the time, it's worth the read.

Below is an email I got last year sometime. What can I say, pretty entertaining...

Delivered-To: ichaosi-com-adamatichaosi.com
Received: (qmail 10857 invoked by uid 1002); 6 Dec 2001 20:52:35 -0000
Delivered-To: ichaosi-com-furbyatichaosi.com
Received: (qmail 10855 invoked from network); 6 Dec 2001 20:52:34 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO s-csi1.csiweb.de) (
by mail0.tyva.netherweb.com with SMTP; 6 Dec 2001 20:52:34 -0000
Received: from www628 by s-csi1.csiweb.de with local (Exim 3.12 #1 (Debian))
id 16C5VI-0003gs-00; Thu, 06 Dec 2001 21:52:24 +0100
To: furbyatichaosi.com,bleys@ichat.com,ichiban@ichiban.com,paul.hatton@ichiban.com
From: sales@opt.com (Mike Doe)
Subject: Time Tavelers PLEASE HELP!
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 21:52:24 +0100

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Mike Doe (sales@opt.com) on Thursday, December 6, 2001 at 21:52:24

message: If you are a time traveler or alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help!

My life has been severely tampered with and cursed!!
I have suffered tremendously and am now dying!

I need to be able to:

Travel back in time.

Rewind my life including my age.

Be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life from being tampered with again after I go back.

I am in very great danger and need this immediately!

I am aware that there are many types of time travel and that humans do not do well through certain types.

I need as close to temporal reversion as possible, as safely as possible. To be able to rewind the hands of time in such a way that the universe of now will cease to exist.

I know that there are some very powerful people out there with alien or government equipment capable of doing just that.

If you can help me I will pay for your teleport or trip down here, Along with hotel stay, food and all expenses. I will pay top dollar for the equipment. Proof must be provided.

Only if you have this technology and can help me please send me a (SEPARATE) email to:



Bitching by Adam @ 07:24 PM PST

Replies: 4 People Bitched

On Saturday, September 14th @ 11:00 AM PST, Kuv said:
If it happened a while back, why mention it now?
On Saturday, September 14th @ 11:13 AM PST, Adam said:
Why not? It was a discussion in one of my mailing lists recently, so I decided to write about it now. What makes it wrong that it's an old email? I thought it was interesting, so I put it here.
On Wednesday, September 25th @ 11:31 PM PST, pam said:
that was really anti-climatic.
On Wednesday, September 25th @ 11:33 PM PST, Adam said:
So is your mom.