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09/24/2002: "Sony & EDD"

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I talked to Sony's Service Department, they're hopeful my CLIÉ will arrive today. YAY!

Those fsckers (*nix joke HEH) at EDD (unemployment) hung up on me. At first they put me on hold, then told me they reached the maximum amount of people to be on hold. I've never heard that anywhere else. But then I called back and actually got on hold, and just when I thought I got to someone (there was no more hold music, and no more, ''Your call is very important to us.''), it's blank, for like 5 minutes. Hello? Hello? %@^$%!$%! Probably a nice way of hanging up on you, not the standard - *Click*... *Ring*, If you'd like to make a call... Stupid f'ckers.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:48 PM PST

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On Wednesday, September 25th @ 12:36 AM PST, pam said:
you mean silent. and i've had that happen before too... motherf*ckers... :x