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10/19/2002: "Free! ... Sorta."

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Ok, so, my family is gone for more than a week. My parents left on Friday and I just dropped off my sister at the airport. They're off to Hawaii to visit the rest of the family. The twins are having a 1 year birthday over there. I couldn't go because of money, school, and work. Fun, fun, fun! So, I'm stuck here with my brother all week. I guess it's ok, he'll be gone until Sunday night, himself. He has hockey in Sparks this weekend, so until then I'm all by myself. Wheee. Non stop parties until next Sunday or so...

Yeah, right. I don't know that many people to even make a decent party. Not to mention too many people would make me claustrophobic. Hell, I don't even know enough people to make a decent picnic! Back to square one.

I guess I'll sit at home and watch a little TV.
Bitching by Adam @ 03:57 PM PST

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On Monday, October 21st @ 01:19 AM PST, pam said:
did someone say party at adam's?