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10/31/2002: "Late Night Boredom Rant"

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What's with those late night saying they have next year's technology? Especially when it has 64MB video memory. I doubt I'll be using it for ten years. Wow, they're actually giving me a 7200rpm HDD vs. the old 5600mhz. I can get it at Fry's or elsewhere.How do they give out next year's technology? Did they go to the future or something? Ooooo, it has a snazzy neon light, perfect to cater to us Rice Boys. If it's so high tech why are they still giving out 56k sh*t dial up and try to make it sound cool by saying its lightning fast and best of all free? Plus it's so damn expensive! I can build that system way cheaper! If I wanted to spend that much money, I'd buy an alienware. It doesn't even have a DVD burner! The only thing I can see worth it is the software included. Then again they're probably all crap and I wouldn't even be able to sell it on eBay. Hell, I get all my programs for free anyway. Oh, and no, you cant turbo charge or supercharge your computer. Even Rice Boys know that. If you want to say it, say it right. Overclock, or a program that frees up memory, NOT TURBO CHARGE!

Sure I'm going to be flamed, ''It's for people who are too lazy or are too tech stupid.'' Well, sure, but setting up your own computer isn't so hard. You're thinking, ''Adam, not every one knows as much as you about computers, you smart ass.'' (Notice I didn't say I know everything nor did I say I was all knowing or anything) My reply? Even an idiot can build a computer. Sure instructions might be needed for the average or lower being (such as a monkey or something), but that's what they’re there for. It might make it longer and maybe even more time consuming, but think of the money you saved! Have computer problems? The only real downside is little or no tech support. Just get a techie friend to help you out. Or email Jesse at TribeTurnkey@Yippie.com or me at MaleMe@iAmChaotic.CizZom we'll be standing-by ready to receive your credit card numbers.

Bitching by Adam @ 12:49 PM PST

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On Thursday, October 31st @ 05:30 PM PST, I'm Just Saying said:
You must be very bored! Picking on people's stupid modos and ads. It's not stupid to do so though. Being critical is "a" way to live.
On Sunday, November 3rd @ 01:37 PM PST, pam said: