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12/08/2002: "Hockey Sunday"

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Yay! We won a game! We were up 0-3 until the last period when we got real lazy and let them score a couple. At the end we came up 2-3. Oh, me? I didn't do anything. I was 3rd line and a left winger. I had a few scoring chances one went wide the other 2 all I got was blockers. I felt real useless. Yeah, so it really sucked for me because I don't feel I was played much 'cause I know I skated hard, but didn't feel tired. I suppose it was because we actually had full 3 forward lines tonight, as opposed to the 1 and 2/3 lines we used to. Oh well, congrats us. Maybe next time moO will come and cheer me on and maybe I'll score one...
Bitching by Adam @ 10:49 PM PST