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02/10/2003: "Hockey Sunday, Valentines Day, and Laptop Speakers"

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Ah, damn, lost another game. Yup, got shutout again. Only this time it was only 2-0. I only got a -1 in the whole game, lucky me. However, moO came to the game and I STILL didn't score. I had about 3 would-be scoring chances but something went amiss and couldn't convert it. The first one was a light shot through a lot of traffic and it amazingly went through everyone's legs, but hit the goalie's stick. The second was a dump and chase into the right corner and I got to it first cut a tight left to the goal and ended up cutting to close to the goalie and he stopped it easily. The third try at a goal I was on the right side of the ice again had a small breakaway and was hooked down and drew a penalty. Damn, I don't want a penalty, I want a goal. I drew 2 penalties that game. The actual first penalty was when I was pushed in our end, then I did a cool scissor take down with my legs, LOL nice to use what I learned in TKD in hockey. I didn't get a penalty for that. =) Somewhere in the first period I was at the other team's blue line and in front of an opposing team player. He tried to cleat the puck from his end, and I put out my hand to block it. Yeah, I blocked it, but it hit my wrist. Now, I have a small bruise where the puck hit me. It was a cool turnover though... I was a little disappointed with the team, I noticed most of us weren't really in the game and kinda glided around the ice. Instead of skating hard to the puck, we'd watch it come to us only to find it getting taken away. I'm sure we could have done much better. We WERE missing a few people that game, but that's no excuse, the other team only had 2 subs!

This weekend I'll be gone from Friday until Tuesday. I'll be up north in Washington. I up there to watch my brother's ice hockey tournament. So, I won't be able to see what happened in my own games, but I wish them luck. Man I gotta find a way to workout a lot this week and next week to make up for not playing hockey this week...

So, finally I got off my butt and ordered replacement internal speakers for my laptop. I just put 'em in and it sounds SOOOOOO much better than those damn blown speakers I had in them. I accidentally put in a BASS competition CD in and played it causing my speakers to blow. Mental note: NO MORE BASS MP3s IN LAPTOP. Now it sounds GREAT again. Now, is there anything I can do about repairing my USB and/or PS2 ports...
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