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02/11/2003: "moO B-DAY and Wrist [Pics]"

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So, for moO's birthday, which was last Friday, on Thursday after school I made her a big lasagna for dinner and surprised her with a big chocolate covered white cake with strawberry insides. I spent all day in the kitchen prepping, and then another hour just before she came home to cook the lasagna. It was really pretty. Too bad I didn't et a pic of either the cake or the lasagna.


On Friday I took her out to Lisa's Tea Treasures. It's this little tea place in Los Gatos. You're probably thinking, 'Tea party? WTF is Adam girly?' To which I have to respond... Yes, I like Lisa's Tea Treasures, it's nummylicious. I always get Louis XIV's Favorite. From Lisa's Tea Treasures Online, which look like they could use a new webmaster to add in the all important < BR > tags...

     ''Louis XIV's Favorite (An Afternoon Tea in France) A fragrant Blackberry Jasmine Tea served with a Green Salad tossed in a Strawberry Darjeeling dressing, Fruit and Almonds accompanied by Brie En Croute, toasted Crumpets with Double Devonshire Cream & Preserves and Marquis Au Chocolat''

MMMMMM Yummy. Only SOMEONE ATE THE REST OF MY MARQUIZ AU CHOCOLATE I BROUGHT HOME AND LEFT AT moO'Z HOUSE! I'm never leaving important food there again. No one ever asks if they can eat it, they just DO! <^>

I think the bruise got a lot worse. I didn't think it'd look this bad, but I suppose it should be a bruise at which the speed it was flying toward my wrist. The picture doesn't do it justice. I doesn't hurt too much but if touched it hurts a little. Good thing I have 2 weeks for it to heal before I have to play hockey again. Hope I don't land on it if I go snowboarding.


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On Sunday, February 16th @ 12:52 AM PST, moO said:
hey, i don't OPENLY bitch ppl out on my page that you know. at least, not so that the world knows who it is. the individual usu. can't even I.D. him/herself. you better take that finger down!! btw, NO ONE ATE IT...