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02/13/2003: "Holy Crap, Remember Velocity X?"

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If anyone can remember, sometime several years ago, I was part of a racing/show-off crew. We called ourselves Velocity X Racing. Here's the funny ass part: There's now a video game called Hot Wheels: Velocity X. I kid you not! You can go see for yourself. I think one of us should sue, LOL. I have proof. Here is our old crew's website. You can tell I was still playing with HTML. I even have 2 t-shirts with our logo. I'm getting my lawyer!
Bitching by Adam @ 09:21 PM PST

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On Sunday, February 16th @ 12:48 AM PST, moO said:
i can't believe you still have that site up. i can't believe you'd still share that with the public. you're so f*ckin LAME!!!!!!