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02/16/2003: "Seattle Thunderbirds [Pics] [Vids] [Links]"

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''I went to a fight today, and a hockey game broke out.'' But, more on that later...

Tonight, we went to a minor league hockey game (Yeah, like I've had enough hockey yet) between the Seattle Thunderbirds and the Lethbridge Hurricanes. While not a very stimulating game at first, being completely one sided and ending with a score of 10-1; but I HAVE to say, it was THE BEST hockey game I've EVER seen! Why such a strong remark? Well, when you're behind 9 points you and your team get a little frustrated, hard to NOT understand and sympathize. However, this usually leads to penalties, and usually the really fun-to-watch kind. I, of course, am talking about fights! Penalty after penalty was called, but not buy just one team, but both. Which goes to show, don't retaliate when you get checked, tripped, whatnot.

The best part in this game was mostly the last 5, or so, minutes of the game. In those minutes, the game was practically dragged out to about a half an hour because of some cool fights. The highlight of the game was during a fight and basically everyone was paired off and the refs lost all control, I saw the guest goalie take off his helmet and started to skate away from his crease, at first I thought he was skating to the bench, but then he passed the center circle and skated toward the home goalie and started another fight. We actually got some good footage of that. The first one is only 5 seconds because my brother didn't know where the zoom was. The second is 15 seconds. That was the first time I've ever seen or heard of a goalie fight. But when you're getting scored on so much in one game, you really have nothing to lose. It was GREAT! There were 58 penalties called in that game. Who ever said minor leage hockey is boring!?

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On Wednesday, March 17th @ 12:48 PM PST, Tim said:
this is not minor league hockey. this is major junior hockey. these two teams are members of the WHL (Western Hockey League) a junior league based in Canada and under the umbrella of the CHL (Canadian Hockey League) These guys aren't pros, simply young guys playing hard and trying to get noticed by the NHL scouts so they can get drafted. Its easy to make this mistake so if I've come across as being a bit preachy or a jerk I appologize. Just thought that I would drop you a line and let you know...
On Wednesday, March 17th @ 01:29 PM PST, Adam said:
Thanks for the heads up. I'm aware of the WHL, heck it's on the jersey I have. I only called them a minor league team 'cause that's what everyone else was calling them when I visited overthere. But, thanks again for the info.
On Thursday, April 22nd @ 01:00 PM PST, Tim said:
No prob Adam, the WHL has over the years pretty much become a minor league I suppose so I guess thats why people call them that.