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02/24/2003: "Something tells me it's gonna be a long night...."

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That is, if it keeps raining the way it is now. I already hate Mondays. I don't like going outside to bring in the garbage cans from outside. I put it off until the last minute. Only, today, it was the wrong minute.

I wasn't outside for more than a minute, and in that minute my big black Nike parka (which I thought was waterproof, pretty strong tho) and my jeans were completely drenched. I wish a simple picture could truely portray what I experience standing in the rain like a retard. For me, I think the rain is calming. That is, as long as I don't have to sleep to the sound of it. But, just standing in it is just oddly soothing to me. Call it nostalgia of some sort. I used to do the same stupid thing when I was younger, stand in the middle of a huge storm and play. Maybe it was 'cause I liked the rain, maybe it was to get sick so I didn't have to go to school the next day. Whatever the reason, I liked playing in the rain.
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