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02/27/2003: "It's A Somber Day In The Neighborhood [Link]"

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Holy, F*CK!!!! Mr. Rogers died today! Damn, that sucks hard core. Anyone remember watching him as a child... or a bored saturday morning last weekend? I remember thinking with Shia (You remember him? He's gone now, not dead, just out of the f'kin country in Asiaish land), where the hell is he? Did he still do shows? "The finale episode of Mister Rogers was taped in December 2000 and aired on PBS in August 2001" His "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" will live on forever. Especially the time where he threw up his shoe to catch it with the other hand only to have it land on his head, and said to the kids something like, "This is why we don't throw stuff up in the air."
Bitching by Adam @ 11:30 PM PST