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03/03/2003: "Kung Fu Paintball & Sunday Hockey [Pic]"

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Ah, what to say? Today, I went to Santa Cruz with some blokes from the ol' kung fu studio. I got a brand new Tippman 98 Custom, nice accurate marker. Just need a little boost for accuracy and distance, need to look for a good barrel. But, STILL a really good marker. It was a pretty long drive over the hill, longer than I remember. I haven't been paintballing in like 8-9 years OR MORE. I don't remember when it was, maybe it was jr. high school. Ah it was fun today. Getting hit, hitting people. We went to TAG in Santa Cruz, which has 2 speedball and 3 woods. But, today it was mostly speedball. No matter how much fun we had, I think we'd all agree, we could have used more woods games. My theory was that since there was a tournament next week at TAG, they put out a lot of speedball games for teams to practice (Since the tourney games at TAG are speedball games and not woods.). The second game we took the wrong way to the other side of the field and got stuck in a foot of mud. The mud literally gobbled up my leg. The other guys got wet in their shoes, I guess I got a little more lucky, no water in my shoes. LOL, only 4 of us (3 of us and some 1 random guy) were stupid enough to go that way. Good thing we didn't take my car up there... Sorry, Mom. J/K It was already dry and no mud in the car. Luckly, none of us got any poison oak. That woulda sucked. Woods it really fun, played a bunch of kill, flag, and VIP. Wheee CS & Socom. LOL, it's all Chris' fault. He and I had a short conversation about paintball, and it turned into a huge conversation, then he got me hooked. Now I have a gun, and I got Kyle hooked, and he bought a gun on Friday. Both Shane and Anthony are hooked. Hey, we could get a team going! Heh. We'll see, we definetly ain't that good yet. Some of us was the first time out. Sponsorship and prize money DO sound good tho... Too bad the ones at TAG are speedball tourneys. One thing lame about TAG is they're REALLY HARDCORE CHRISTIAN. And there's NO cussing. You get 1 Warning and then your gone. LAME. Oh well, still there's a bunch of kids there, so, whatever... Come play with us sometime! We'll have a blast. And don't believe the word-of-mouth, it doesn't REALLY hurt, unless you're a girl! Muahahahah just kidding... Sorta... It stings for a second, but when you wipe it off, it's game time.

Shane, Me, Kyle, Anthony, Chris

As you can see on the scoreboard on the top of this post, we lost again. But, not my much, we were still really in it, just couldn't convert to goals. Stupid Adam decides to take a nap after the long day of running up and down the hill paintballing, that he oversleeps... Damnit, I'm so stupid. I missed the first half of the first period. AND! AND, the first minute I get on the ice, I get a slashing penalty. Supposedly, I basically took a bad ''slapshot'' to clear the puck and I hit the other guy's stick. Um, but 1. My stick wasn't cocked over my waist, B. the guy was bigger than me, and 3. He skated through my stick, he didn't stumble or fall, wasn't even fazed by my supposed ''slash'' fugger refs. THE FIRST MINUTE I GOT ON THE ICE, DAMNIT. I had only one really good chance with a break-away and I got hooked from behind. I was so pissed, I wanted to score, not draw penalty. I was bummed I came in late, 'cause I had enough rest from that nap I took after paintball. I had too much left over stamina that I tried to waste the last 2 minutes of the game. It didn't help any =(. Our next game is THE BIGGEST GAME, I would say almost bigger than playoffs. Why? Next game we need 1 point to be in the playoffs. However, we're playing the first place team... Odds don't look good. You know I'll be on the treadmill a lot this week, or at Hockey Workout. Hrm, I wonder if I can rally some spectators, I need some cheering for this game!
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