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03/09/2003: "Hockey Sunday (race for the playoff spot) [Edit]"

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Misfits 00 0014
Ice Weasels???537

I don't want to talk about it. But, does it matter?

Edited 3/10/2003 3:51PM Yesterday wasn't such a good day for hockey. My brother got shutout 2-0, the Sharks got shutout 3-0 and we got shutout 5-0.

Early yesterday morning I went to my brothers game, only to see them lose. But, my brother's excuse was that he didn't play because he has a bruised kidney. Although, his coaches and my dad was going to let him play the last 5 minutes. But, his team kept messing up and getting penalties creating powerplays for the other team, and didn't allow Phillip on the ice.

Immediately after the game they had a practice on the same ice. So I geared up and had a scrimmage with them. That was fun, because I knew most of the guys because of the Washington trip and they wanted a go against me. Nick wanted badly to drop the gloves and go at it, but I had to be on his team. I guess we could have done it anyway. While on the ice in the scrimmage, Phillip kept reminding me that I had a game later, and that I should stop or I'd get tired in my game. Surprisingly enought, I didn't really stop playing in the scrimmage, but I didn't even really get tired in my game either! I must be getting more and more used to stress on my lungs, YAY.

Our game was the sh'ttiest game we've played, and it seemed like we gave up too early. So, in the first period (early in the period) a goal was scored on us. It was a really lame goal too, our guy was pushed into our goalie and the goal was pushed off the pins in the ice, and the puck went past the line and the goal was awarded. This already soured our game, and pretty much left us not wanting to bother (since we knew how this stupid game was going to be officiated by these A-hole zebra police.) 1st period I had some good speed on a defenceman and he hooks me and I fly. I finish the check because he has the puck andwe both get a penalty. That was f'cking lame.

I managed to block another shot in my ''offensive-butterfly'' but it my arm, I don't have a bruise yet, but it still hurts, and I'm sure it'll show up soon. My brother told me I was stupid for going down into the butterfly to block a shot. But I said that it was dumb to stand up straight to block a shot, and that I could block a more area in the butterfly than if I were to stand up straight. I'm not afraid of getting hit with the puck. Maybe I'll learn when I really get hit. LOL

Then in the 3rd period a mini-scrum breaks out in our end, and at the same time my dad's cousin Gary (who's on my team) is pushed by someone on the other team, and the ref calls them both in addition to the ones in the mini-scrum. The ref didn't even look at Gary and the other guy. He only saw Gary get pushed. Stupid Refs.
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