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03/20/2003: "War and Laughs [Link]"

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Ok, since everyone else is blogging about the war, perhaps I should. I don't usually bore everyone with redundancies that everyone else talks about. I usually bore everyone with boring hockey stories.

So, yeah, I think it's funny when people write stuff like, ''Bush is stupid for even think he can start a war.'' or just a plain ''Bush is stupid.'' The first is only half right. Secondly, who ever thinks that Bush has ALL the power to start a war is just as stupid as our very own Dubbya... Sure he can push the ''button'' but the decision is passed between other people besides him. So, there, my little knowledge I can recall from 6 years ago government.

Now for some laughs. Check out the US Department of Laughs. Pretty Funny. One of my favorites is the one with Michael Jackson. This page is a lot like another site that used to be up called Instructo Toons. Hrm... I still have it linked. Maybe, I'll just leave it up for nostalgia...
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On Tuesday, April 1st @ 10:00 PM PST, Silver said:
oh my.. those are hilarious.. just the laff i needed.. thank you...