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03/31/2003: "Sleeping With Welts"

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Sleeping with welts on your upper thighs is NOT fun. Yesterday I went paintballing with a couple of the guys and I think I'm getting better. I managed a 4 kill round. I have a few small welts on my right arm, and two BIG welts on my upper thighs, one on each side. So yeah, it's not fun sleeping with welts.

Well, at least I'm getting a good workout when I go out there. Not only is it a lot of running up and down hills, but I also sweat a lot because of the heat out in the open. I am sooooooo sore today, I can barely walk. I don't know when the last time I felt like this after hockey.

I think I'm addicted. I don't know if it's the shooting paintballs at moving targets, the thrill of being someones moving target, or somthing else. I hope I get a job soon, this sport is going to get expensive...
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On Tuesday, April 8th @ 01:16 PM PST, Linhy said:
Paintballing is so much fun. But oh so painful=X. It hurts soooo much. Especially the thighs and butt. When you have to go sit down or something. Yikes!!!!!!!