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04/06/2003: "Summer Hockey"

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Ice Pirates1102?

Today started the pre-season of my summer hockey league at Logitech Ice. Yes, I know, it's barely spring. Well, I'll keep it brief, I managed to get a penalty in the second for interferance. Which is BS, the guy was like a foot or so taller, and hit me and he fell, which earned me the penalty. Funny thing is, if I were to fall, there would be NO call. Why am I so sure? It already had happened in the first period when I got leveled and there was no call. Basically, I didn't do much, like most games. I had a pretty good scoring chance, and I use the term lightly, where I wrapped around the goal and passed it right up front of the goal to my dad's cousin Gary, and I guess he wasn't expecting it and the puck went past him. Oh, well good attempt. It's still pre-season, and we have a couple of GOOD new people, so I'm glad we got this loss out of the way. We'll do better next time.
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