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04/08/2003: "Jin Tha MC [Links]"

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Ok, so, who else does not know who Jin is? I think I've already written about him before. But, I'll do it again just for kicks. A long while ago, an Asian showed up on 106 and Park on BET for their Freestyle Friday, his name is Jin Tha MC. We won something like 7 weeks in a row, getting on the Hall of Fame on 106 and Park. His skills on Freestyle Friday landed him a record contract with the label that brought us DMX and Eve, Ruff Ryders. Many people, including myself, would say he sounds like Eminem. He even raps about it in his song ''I Don't Know''. ''...if it's hot, it's hot. Actually, I'm glad that you say I sound like Marshal Mathers. I'm no Eminem, but I'm not wack either. Only reason you compare me to him, 'cause I'm not black neither...'' I can't wait until his CD hits the streets soon.

Did you know he's going to be in 2Fast 2Furious? Yup.

I wonder if this really is his Xanga weblog.

Check out http://www.holla-front.com April 30th, 2003.

Oh, speaking of which. Jesse says to go watch Better Luck Tomorrow. I still don't know the plot but I saw another trailer on MTV, and it looks pretty cool for an independent film. Then again, many of the best films and film makers start as independent films. *COUGH*clerks*COUGH* I'm no speaker of the independent world, since I'm pretty much a conformist. But, go see it anyway.

...Damn, I need a job. Or at least something more constructive to do with my time than surfing the net for random crap. The last thing I searched for was night vision and infrared scopes.
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On Saturday, June 28th @ 01:36 PM PST, J-J said:
Jin is off da chain and big up to the Ruff Ryders! is all love from U.K. to U.S.
On Saturday, June 28th @ 01:37 PM PST, J-J said:
Holla-Front fo' life
On Monday, November 24th @ 04:45 AM PST, Ashley said:
Jin is gonna make it in tha game...he's off tha hook and he's so SEXii...which makes it a plus......Jin i'll buy ya CD wen it comes out.......
On Wednesday, January 28th @ 01:56 PM PST, theycallmeDERTAY. said:
On Sunday, April 4th @ 10:22 AM PST, Chezza said:
yo adam
how could i check out videos of Jin ?
i am reeally interested in him
hit me bac a msg plzx
and nice2 meet u
On Wednesday, April 14th @ 10:48 PM PST, earl brown said:
jin is tight and it would be good to hear the whole cd sometime cause that other joint was hott.