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04/12/2003: "Last Pre-Season Hockey Game"

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I had to drive myself to hockey today, since my parents are with my brother 'cause his team is finishing up their season in the state finals out of town. I don't usually like to drive myself 'cause after I play I'm so tired, I probably would end up killing myself on the road 'cause I'd be so tired. Was that redundant?

Today we were victorious! I actually managed to stay out of the penalty box today too! Also, I managed to stay plus in my +/- today a +2!!! I don't think I even had a +2 last season... On top of that I got an assist too! Damn, I'm reacting like I've never gotten a point before. Well, points come rare for me in this league for some reason. Maybe it's a harder league. I used to be a scoring machine over at the Ice Oasis, here, I'm just another winger/center.My first shift I managed to mess up my knee again. But, after a few minutes of sitting on the bench, it sorta went away. I don't feel it now, I just hope I don't feel it tomorrow.Today, we actually out shot the other team keeping our goaltender away from the puck. But beating a team 2-7? Have we ever done that? I don't think so. I'm hoping we do WAY better this season. To bad this was still a pre-season game, damnit...
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On Monday, April 14th @ 11:51 PM PST, belle said:
dude guy...you need to tell me when these games are, b/c i work like 2 minutes from the ice place...