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05/07/2003: "Bad Day"

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Mother F'er. Today at about 3pm I was on Bollinger Rd. going to Lawrence Expressway from the 76 across from the Longs Drugs. I'm in the north lane to turn right onto Lawrence and there's cars stopped at the stoplight in the left lane. My turn is before the light so I think I'm safe. Before I reach the turn for the expressway, some old woman doesn't look and turns onto Bollinger in front of me. I didn't have the time to react and I hit her old Explorer in the rear driver side with my front passenger side, trashing my body kit and bending my front passenger fender. No damage to her car, bah. So, the cop comes and he says it's my fault 'cause basically she was already out, and there was a red light and the law is you need to go as fast as the traffic or the safe speed of 15. I was thinking there was no traffic in front of me and I was to turn right onto the expressway, so isn't my speed the speed limit. Bah. MotherF'ker damnit! It's such a damn pain in the ass to fix it too. Not to mention I don't have any means of fixing it in the first place. Yes, I'm still fk'ing unemployed. So, now I need a new front end, front fender, and new side skirt. Bah. MotherF'ker...

New Veilside Front End: $400
New Passenger Side Front Fender: $300
New Veilside Side Skirt: $350
Having the old lady who got in my way lock her keys in the car and have to sit and wait for AAA to come get her: PRICELESS

Bitching by Adam @ 12:39 AM PST

Replies: 3 People Bitched

On Thursday, May 8th @ 09:09 PM PST, Mana said:
HAY... im sittin in class right now and im bored so i decided to write you the comment of the day...

"damn adam... that suks" :(
On Tuesday, May 13th @ 12:45 PM PST, kid said:
poor adam... at least ur ok!
On Wednesday, May 14th @ 12:39 AM PST, pam said:
sucks! come out for jesse's bday and i'll buy you a drink!