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05/30/2003: "NOOOOOOO! No More Corbin Motors [Pic][Links]"

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I look in today's Mercury News in the ''Valley'' section to see on the front page that Corbin Motors is filing for Chapter 7, with debts totalling 10million dollars. For those that don't know what I'm talking about or don't even know why I care, I dunno what to say but check the links below. If you saw Austin Powers: Goldmember you'll notice a weird looking vehicle that Goldmember drove. That's the Sparrow that was Corbin's first released vehicle. I wanted to get their Merlin, a one seater, fully enclosed, single lambo door, motorcycle. Yes, it's registered as a MOTORCYCLE, so you can use it in the carpool lane and motorcylce parking spots! But, now that might just be a dream as the $17-24K e-car might be no more. Now I might have to expect to pay like $50,000+ on eBay if I ever want to get a hold of one. Damn, now I'll never get one of these cars... eR... motorcycles... uM... whatever you want to call it. ...Now I have to settle for the T-Rex OR the Grinnall.

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