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06/03/2003: "F*CK The Humane Society [Pics]"

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Yes, I said it. F*CK the Humane Society. Those kittens we had for a little while were given up to the Humane Society to find good homes. Yesterday, on the way home from taking care of the puppies I get a call from moO. Sounding RATHER upset, she tells me that the kitties were put to sleep. WTF?! We gave them up so they could be happy and find homes not to be killed! She said they claimed that they were too young and would have to find a foster home for them 'cause they were too young. They probably didn't even look. Hell, if it were only a few more weeks, I would have fostered them. I find it odd that they would kill kitties and let the older ones live. I don't hate older animals, but realistically I know people buy kitties over older cats. So, why did they have to get rid of our Fig and Muffin, you pieces of sh*t eating mother f*ckers!? Never give those A-Holes an animal you want to live and get adopted.

Fig and Muffin



Bitching by Adam @ 07:59 AM PST

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On Tuesday, June 3rd @ 04:16 PM PST, moO said:
Look @ those lil fuzz balls!

I found out those f*ckers put poor muffin & fig to sleep the SAME day we dropped them off... The reason: too young. wtf??! They were too f*cking lazy to bother to foster them till they were 8 weeks old. I bet they knew the fate of our kittens the moment they saw them & they didn't say a f*cking word to us. Not a 'Are you sure you want them to be killed?' or 'Do you know our ACTUAL policy?' I am still traumatized. I don't know how many presents Adam will have to buy me until I get passed this... To think that I thought my kitties would be provided with great homes. They were only 6 weeks old and LOVING life. I still see them playing behind my piano and sleeping in my arms. Then, I picture their lil bodies being injected to their unnecessary deaths... The Humane Society's mission claims to find homes for animals. What a bunch of sh*t. I'm sorry but it is not that difficult to take care of young kittens. I have fostered five kittens at once, ALL under 8 weeks old. I bet the Humane Society kills thousands of HEALTHY kittens - ignoring alternative solutions. Euthenasia is a term for the terminally SICK and SUFFERING, not the young & healthy - especially not BABIES! If you find a healthy kitten, put an ad for 'free kitten' in the paper, online, or post around your neighborhood or local supermarkets. Don't ever leave an animal in the hands of the Humane Society unless you are prepared to have them killed...
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hey sup ?
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uh, who's this?