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06/03/2003: "Hockey Monday"

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Misfits 030328

WHHEEEEEEEE, we got a win last night! I was hoping for a 3 game streak with a point, but didn't get it. I had my chances, just wasn't able to convert. I drew 2 penalties (One being a check from behind, but wasn't the call) and managed get a roughing penalty myself. Lame. I had my glove up by my chest to protect myself from a check, they run into me, fall down, and I get the penalty! WTF?! If it was a make up call for the penalties I drew, at least let me make it look good, maybe even a REAL check. I mean, I got hit pretty hard on my checks and I get this woosy push as a penalty. LAME.

I had quite a few scoring chances and most of those I was pushed, shoved and out muscled for the puck. That pisses me off, you have to knock me off just 'cause I'm so much faster to the puck than you. Get some skills in skating fast A-HOLE! Brute force doesn't do anything in this league! If I was in front of the goal and you did that to me from behind, you'd be kicking yourself in the ass when I score that penalty shot, think about it...

Well, I MUST say, we really played a DAMN good game last night; good passing, good positioning, and DAMN good shots (ESP. from the Ds,they got some rockets!). Good Job guys, let's keep it up for next week. We have an early game on Saturday 4:30PM - CENTER ice so if anyone wants to drop by and cheer me and my team on (ok, not MY team, the team that I'm on) come by and bring your BIG voice for the Misfits!
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