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06/18/2003: "Date"

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So, I actually went on a real date yesterday... LOL, I took moO to the Great Mall in Milpitas... I Finally saw 2Fast 2Furious. After leaving the theatre I was still grinning like an idiot. I love cars... mmmmmmm. The movie itself? I'll quote moO when I say, ''It was better than I thought it would be.'' Not into Rice? Don't bother. Like Imports and other exotics, chicks in thongs, cars jumping and crashing. This movie's for you. I'm a sucker for Rice. Plus, it was free, at least for me. I bought that ''The Fast and the Furious - All New Tricked Out Edition'' with the free ticket inside, too bad the closest theatre that was showing 2F2F was in Milpitas.

After the movie we played at Dave and Busters. One of my most favorite places in the world, and Jesse's arch nemesis for some reason. Too bad this time we didn't see Tony Hawk there again, LOL.

I played this VR type game where you stand in this caged platform where you can play ''real'' sports like hockey, baseball, soccer, or football. I, of course, tried the hockey thing. It's pretty damn hard. You just chose the team you want to shoot against and it renders a goalie in front of the goal. My first time was against ''VR Patrick Roy.'' I don't think it was supposed to be him, but a generic goalie with an Avalanche jersy, but who cares. For some reason, much like real life, I hit the post alot. Heh, now I can tell everyone I scored on ''VR Patrick Roy''. Not that it matters 'cause it was a generic goalie, but I was a little disappointed that their selection of teams to score against was VERY limited. Probaby like 6 teams and a few country teams. It didn't even have the Sharks! Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I think the game was messed up 'cause I couldn't see how much time I had left and my shot speed. I think it was a little confusing 'cause there were no real instructions on how to play. Like it would say to shoot only until after the whistle blew. for the longest time I didn't hear a whistle, so I just shot. But, then I'd hear this weird noise that sounded like a horn, I think that was the ''whistle.'' How stupid... Pretty fun game tho.

I tried my hand at the baseball one too. It's been a while, LONG while, since I've thrown a pitch. Back in like Little League days I was a pitcher... for like 3 games. I was pretty good and accurate, but I would throw out my arm to get enough good speed, that I had to stop and proceed to my regular spot at shortstop... I don't know if it was a horrible joke to play on a kid but I was always shortstop. I'm short, HA HA, very funny. Need you remind me? So, anyway, the VR baseball game, it's the bottom of the ninth you're pitching, and you have 3 minutes (I think) to strike out 3 batters to win the game. Simple enough. Oddly enough I actually came out with the win. Yet, another sad point is my fastest pitch was like 56 MPH. SAD...

After getting a new D&B card and turning in the tickets I had won (I now have a total of 11K+ tickets and am now a ''GOLD'' member, LOL) we went to eat. I had the Bar Burgers and moO had the pasta and breaded chicken. MMMMMMMMM I love the Bar Burgers there. They're regular cheesburgers on baby sweet rolls. You get 4 but the size of the buns are like 1/4 of a whole hamburger. MMMMM. Get it if you ever go there.

What a nice date day =)
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On Thursday, June 19th @ 07:12 PM PST, moO said:
On Friday, June 20th @ 08:05 AM PST, Silver said:
sounds like you hadda great time...
On Saturday, June 21st @ 02:57 PM PST, pam said:
they are showing 2f 2f at the cheapo plaza in campbell... i'm going on $2 tuesdays! =) and how is d&b someone's arch nemesis? you can have my d&b tickets...
On Wednesday, June 25th @ 03:12 AM PST, Adam said:
Don't know, why don't you ask him?