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07/14/2003: "Hockey Sunday"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 142723
The Force301417

And thus ends another game with a nice scrum... Hosted today by our very own Sean. Although the guy turned around and took a shot at him after the last whistle, do the crime do the time. (Which seems like an on going theme this game) I can recall on the bench during that fight murmers of ''HAHA, he's messing with the wrong motherf*ker.'' I might add that Sean is one our biggest guy, and the other guy wasn't so big... Well, at least to Sean, not me. Pretty funny... However that got him thrown out of the next game, not like it matters, he's not gonna be here. LOL. But still, I find it odd that if you protect yourself, you still get a penalty. I think there should have been an instigator penalty given to that other guy if there wasn't one...

Even before the game starts, I know how a game is going to go JUST when the refs step on to the ice. If it's that same short Asian chick ref, we're going to have a ONE-SIDED GAME. There's got to be some kind of petition to get rid of her, seriously. I don't know it's ALL games or just OUR games, but any time she refs our games, she REALLY f*cks us over with BS calls that, yeah sure, might even be penalties, but I know most refs prob will let it go due to the nature of the sport. I see calls un-whistled down that the other team gets away with. And every little thing we to we get called. This isn't like once in a while type of thing, mind you. This is EVERY GAME she refs for us. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks it.

Let's have a for instance... Take me... The whole game this ph4g with the yellow helmet was on my ass the whole game. I can handle that, I'm used to that BS. Nothing was ever called. I get pissed off and I go after him and the p*ssy falls down against the boards like the very ph4g he is! I get called for a charging penalty, is that even in the books!? I mean come on call a f'n dive or something b*tch. This guy, like most of them p*ssies that go against me weigh so much more than me. So, you're telling me that I managed to knock a bigger guy FLAT on his f'n ass? There was NO way I had enough momentum to do that without a little help from... say JUILLIARD. FU B*tch.

Later on I got my revenge, well sorta... He skates toward me while I have the puck and cross checks me to my neck (luckly I had my stick up or he woulda hit my neck HARDER) I fall and bang my head on the ice messing up the back of my neck (hurts right now) and I have some weird line bruise on my forehead from the impact with the ice from my helmet. I think you can see it on my stupid webcam pic on the right. Or, maybe not. Webcams SUCK. Maybe I'll take a REAL pic and post how stupid I look. Then again, I do look pretty stupid to begin with. Anyway back on subject. Being back on my normal line, I had Dave (the other winger) get my back like he usu does and take the guy down. F*cker, don't mess with my line!

Minutes tick down to the last few, and my last shift I get this nice NICE breakaway. Been trying to learn to deke a little better. I actually managed a nice shot to the top right corner glove side. When I shoot, for some reason I black out (not really, just don't pay attention to where the puck is) and then see the puck sitting behind the goalie in the net. Probably a pretty goal it being a breakaway, maybe better if it went straight in, whatever. Now this goal was WAY bittersweet to me. YAY, I scored a goal. But, OH, it didn't really do anything to advance our team really... You know, like, it wasn't a winning goal, or say a nail in the coffin, or even a tying goal. Eh, it was just a goal when the other team was giving up, LOL. Bah, pad my stats.

All in all a great game by all, ESP Joe with the 2 shorthanded goals. Damn, we gotta end every game like that. Then we'd have to chane our name! Get ready for an early game next Saturday. I hope I'm awake, I'll be coming back from a paintball session hopefully...
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