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07/19/2003: "No Paintball & Bad Boys"

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So, again, I cancelled a paintball session because of a lack of enthusiasm. It's ok, I'll play soon... I hope. I'm sure it's all for the best anyway. Check the next POST over...

I DID get to see Bad Boys 2 and have come to a decision...
  1. I will never watch a movie on opening night.
  2. I will never watch a movie on a Friday or Saturday Night, and some opening night Wednesdays.
  3. AND, when those above FAIL, I will be at the theatre AT LEAST an hour BEFORE the movie starts, and NOT a minute AFTER the movie starts!
Well... I DID see the movie. If you can call it that. Me and moO were sitting all the way in the front on the right side. Needless to say it SUCKED. I woulda got my money back and went home, but we were with moO's sister and her BF and they got a little better seats... higher seats, but still on the side. So throughout the whole movie everything was skewed a lot, and EVEN with my ADHD the movie was hard to follow. I can concentrate fairly well when scenes and cuts change a lot, but when everything is skewed and hard to see, I can't concentrate. All in all it was a GOOD movie, if you liked the first one, I think this one is WORTH seeing.
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