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07/27/2003: "Hockey Saturday"

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Yes, I'm not f'king with you. THAT was the score. I noticed I don't write in chronological order all too often. So maybe I'll just try to do my best.

Let's see... Chronological... Well, for starters, I lead it off with the first goal, and I did it while remaining standing and not my usual crash the net past it while running into the boards behind the goal hoping it to go in... So, yeah. Goal!

Even in the beginning, the other team was VERY chippy. I was getting hit pretty hard throughout the game. I managed to draw 2 penalties this game. But MANY weren't called. There was one crap where some how I was hooked and his stick and glove went flying, I saw him picking up his stick and glove, I SO wanted to cross check his f*cking ass for not getting called. But I kept my cool and kinda pulled his stick further from him ''accidentally'' as I skated past. HA. I did manage a really bad fall or rather WWF move. I was in front of their goal and some how I was clotheslined flat on my back. luckly I have that spine protector on my chest protector, or it wouldn't have been fun. I dunno how it looked but probably as cool as you might see in the Mighty Ducks movies. But, BOY did it hurt when I landed. But that's not the half of my worries. My last shift I was racing for the puck in the offensive end, got in front of the D (or behind?) I'm pushed/shoved/checked (whatever) I land on my knee, somehow injured it, while passing the puck to our D man of the night, Brian, (Sorry Sean, you don't get the title, you flaked out on us HA j/k) while Dave gets a good screen on the goalie. And the 8th goal is scored.

I don't know how the 9th goal was scored because I was sitting on beside the bench in pain when I twisted my knee, after streching it out a little and walking it off, the pain subsides. For now... or then, whatever.

Now, you're probably wondering how the only other team's goal was scored and why. Well, for some reason the other team thought it was bring your family day at Logitech Ice and our team didn't get the memo (joke), my parents always go so they were the only ones on our... ''side'', and rumor has it that our goalie Rich felt sorry for them and let one in so they could have something to cheer about. HA. Just a little joke, Rich. Too bad we couldn't get you the shutout.

Ok, that's enough, I'm all hopped up on Advil from my neck and knee and back. All in all, we played one hell of a game. Maybe one of our best. Next game is Sunday, Aug 3 7:15PM South Rink. Come watch! It's an early game so NO excuses, HA.
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