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08/04/2003: "F*ck It Hurts"

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I got back last night from the hospital at about 1:30AM. Damn hate the ER. It looks nothing like the TV show, luckly, HEH. Sorry, guys, I didn't get a copy of the cat scan. The whole time I was there, I was talking softly and scratchy, and no one could hear me, 'cause I had a scratchy throat and wasn't allowed to drink anything. I also couldn't get enough air in my lungs 'cause of pain in order to cough it out. So I just made people constantly ask me to repeat myself. I would have written as soon as I got home, but I basically crashed and passed out right as my head hit the pillow, maybe from the trauma - maybe from the morphine.

People who know me know I have aichmophobia or belonephobia. I DON'T like needles! Not only was I pricked once, but a second time as well! The first time it was a few inches below my wrist, and when I was pricked something messed up and she hit a valve in my vein and I bled all over. So, she had to use my left vein on the other side of the elbow, I forget the term, I'm no doctor. Yeah so I was pumped with a bunch of liquid from the IV and had blood taken from me. I DON'T like needles!

After spending 2.5 hours this is my verdict: Nothing. Nothing in the CT scan. Nothing in the urine sample (that was a toughy since I was not allowed to stand up, but rather do it in a lying down position). Nothing in the useless blood sample. Nothing. Well, before all those test, the doctor did tell me I have a heart murmer, inflamed lymph node (from which I thought I got from another hockey accident I got last week, but he said it was a virial infection), and it's possible I have mono. Mono? Damnit, WTF? Mono? Although I probably wouldn't notice if I did, since I'm unemployed and all I do is sleep anyway...

The cat scan was pretty cool. I've never had to take one, I don't think. I had to drink this crap tasting citrusy thing, was that the iodine? But then she shot me with stuff that made me warm all over. That was so cool feeling. One time I had to hold my breath in the scan SO F'N long I couldn't take it. It was bad enough I couldn't really take a deep breath because it hurt so much, but to hold in what little breath I DID have, was so hard.

Side note: LOL, the guy on the other side of the drape was suffering from vertigo... They think. Not funny I know, but just that I've never actually heard anyone suffering from it before... Maybe that's what's wrong with me. Maybe its just paranoia and have a sh*tty bed so I can't sleep. Wait, that sounds nothing like vertigo, nevermind.

So, tomorrow, I have an appointment with my primary pysician. I hope it's nothing. Time to go get some Vicodin! =) $$
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On Tuesday, August 5th @ 12:20 AM PST, jesse said:
dude, **** dogg, you're too old to be horsing around! so they found nothing? maybe the wind knocked out of you? give me an update! as for that neck lump, maybe my mom can fix it, email her: annmarie@turkey...

hope yer ok man! close one!