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08/05/2003: "Pain Monday"

Archived Extended Entry:
Yesterday, I had a hard time waking up, then again I had a hard time going to sleep too. I couldn't get a position which didn't tweak my sleeping position so that it wouldn't hurt my side. I mean its bad enough that I sleep on a freakin' futon (yes, stupidly *I* chose it.), but to have this injury doesn't help. I went running errands with my sister yesterday. That didn't help, she took me to the mall and all I could do was walk slowly. The walking doesn't hurt all that much (yes it does), the most pain comes from bending over to pick something up, picking something up, or getting in and out of the car. Well, during all the pain she brought me to the bank so I could deposit my last unemployment check, they denied me the extention. That's life, right? It's a good thing I had little temp jobs in the middle of unemployment and I was able to turn on and off the unemployment checks. But, now there's nothing. Still looking for a job I'm qualified to do, without being over qualified if that's possible. Not that my resume is all that impressive. Yay, off to the doctor's office to tell me how messed up I am.

Now, if there was some way to turn off the stupid insurance so I don't have to pay THAT anymore. I don't go anywhere anymore, I don't drive. So, why can't I turn it off. Sadly, to my knowledge, I can't even get out of paying for insurance even if I made my car non-op, on top of that I just paid for registration a few months ago... My mom says I can't because I'm a licensed driver and with so many cars in the house the insurance company will put me on a different car by default. I don't think they understand. I don't have the money to pay for it, and I don't drive.
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